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Paul B Steampunk Art By Bold & Beautiful Make it Professional Combining The old with the New
Steampunk Art

When it comes to Steampunk Art, Paul B Has an Incredible Talent

One of a kind steampunk lamps, devices and metal artwork meticulously handcrafted of genuine antique paraphernalia, sourced and reimagined by the master electrician-artist himself. These mesmerizing, sturdy art devices infuse any space with glowing mechanical whimsy.

"After I returned from the war in Viet Nam I worked in Manhattan as an electrician for almost fifty years and from that, acquired my electrical knowledge. The war gave me many things, most I didn't want but the PTSD it caused actually made my mind work in a more interesting manner almost forcing me to want to keep building whatever I can imagine.

I love designing these sometimes intricate devices that have no real purpose other than to entertain."

Paul B

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About Paul B

I was born in 1948 in Brooklyn. My first career was as a car mechanic. When I was 19 years old I was drafted into the Army where I served two years one of which was a year as a Sargent in the jungles of Viet Nam in the high country on the Cambodian border. While there I saw quite a bit of combat and was awarded two Bronze Stars for Valor. After I got out I became a construction electrician foreman in Manhattan where I participated in building and renovating many buildings there. After 39 years, I retired. My lifelong hobby is marine reef aquariums and I have probably the oldest one in the States at 46 years old at the time of this writing. I am also an inventor and writer with two US patents and one book as well as numerous articles on the subject. For the past few years I have dabbled in metal sculpture and steam punk artifacts, mostly lamps and copper fish.